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Mary Catherine Bonner, P.A. brings decades of experience to the Federal criminal defense arena. If you are looking for an attorney who is well versed in all levels of criminal defense, contact Kate today.

Criminal Defense Attorney Kate Bonner - Supreme Court

Photo: This painting was commissioned to depict Mary Catherine Bonner’s argument before the Supreme Court of the United States in 2006.



About Mary Catherine “Kate” Bonner

An Honors Graduate of University of Miami School of Law, she has continuously practiced federal criminal law with a few exceptions for state cases for nearly 33 years–frequently off of her home turf–which is more of a challenge.

She charges either hourly or through a flat fee agreement and also expects that the client at least explore through investigation, experts if applicable, and approve and bear the costs of those choices.

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Mary Catherine "Kate" Bonner, Aggressive, Experienced Criminal Defense Attorney

Mrs. Bonner specializes in taking complex cases which require a fresh approach and then employs those approaches to defend our clients. Many of our clients have been through several lawyers, are disheartened ,and are happy to finally have someone give them a fresh approach, personal attention, and, perhaps even hope.

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