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Photo: This painting was commissioned to depict Mary Catherine Bonner’s argument before the Supreme Court of the United States in 2006.

Mary Catherine “Kate” Bonner

Mary Catherine "Kate" Bonner, Aggressive, Experienced Criminal Defense Attorney

An Honors Graduate of University of Miami School of Law, she has continuously practiced federal criminal law with a few exceptions for state cases for nearly 33 years–frequently off of her home turf–which is more of a challenge.

She charges either hourly or through a flat fee agreement and also expects that the client at least explore through investigation, experts if applicable, and approve and bear the costs of those choices.

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The Law Firm of Mary Catherine Bonner, P.A.

specializes in taking complex cases which require a fresh approach and then employs those approaches to defend our clients. Many of our clients have been through several lawyers, are disheartened ,and are happy to finally have someone give them a fresh approach, personal attention, and, perhaps even hope.

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Facing Criminal Charges? Already convicted? Your lawyer says nothing can be done?

What if your lawyer told you and your family that he or she wants to do the appeal but, basically, nothing can be done?

Should I believe the trial lawyer?

When should I consider a second opinion?

Second opinion - lawyer says there is nothing he can do

Just as you would seek a second opinion before your are operated on, you can’t give up and “do your time” just because one lawyer saw no hope for you or hadn’t thought efficiently and creatively.

When you are lamenting:  I am in trouble and I need honest, straightforward, sophisticated legal representation now for myself or my loved one.

So far I have seen primarily lawyers who seem like they were selling me a used car and assuring me that they know best about strategy, law, what can happen.

I want a lawyer who collaborates with me but brings her sophisticated, experienced knowledge and experience to me.

What to watch out and run for the hills when a lawyer utters the following words:

  • I can guarantee….  Serious lawyers can only guarantee that they know their job and will work tirelessly, together with you, with experts and consultants.
  • I used to be your prosecutor’s supervisor when I was a prosecutor, so I can….  Does this mean that the current prosecutor is stupid or corrupt? , No, he is a professional and will represent his client, the government, to the best of his abilities.
  • I want to go to trial because I won’t even think about anything but a trial (even if it is better for you) because I can get them in closing argument like I always do…
  • If the potential lawyer tells you that she can get records or reports about the case and makes you think that you don’t have the same public access.  All federal cases nationwide are on PACER at minimal cost–ten cents per page–using a credit card.
  • If your trial lawyer states that a professional investigator is a waste of your money….  For instance, my thorough and sophisticated investigator–after the case had been tried, appealed, and the first layer of post-conviction litigation was completed–found records showing that the chief informant-co-defendant-state witness–had lied to the court when giving his name and received a great deal for his lie.
  • Experts like you see on tv are prohibitively expensive and I can win on my closing argument (or cross examination, or deposition skills, and the like).  I have engaged psychologists, psychiatrists, linguists, coerced confession experts, accident reconstructionists and many more.  Frequently, they turn the tide in your favor because they don’t let the slick prosecution evidence go unchallenged.  After your expert testifies, the jury may recognize that the government was trying to give them half of the story.
  • If the potential or current attorney seems in a terrible hurry, doesn’t apologize for the rush, and leaves you more confused than when you entered the office, you may need to be in different hands.  Did his impatience only show up after the fee was paid?
  • If your lawyer won’t give you his or her cell number or email contact information, it speaks to the attention which you will receive after the lawyer is paid.

Bottom line:

You are the client and you may choose the counsel that you have the most faith in and can afford. Don’t ever think that it will make the lawyer mad if you don’t pick him or her and they can hurt your chances in court because the lawyer knows the judge or the prosecutor